Winners Of WorldSkills UK Qualifying Heats!

By teknet on 26th June 2018 at 9:57am

At the end of a very busy week at the 5 Qualifying Heats here are the winners of all the Heats. Congratulations to the competitors who took part, it was a tremendous effort. Congratulations also to the judges, actors and everyone at South and City College Birmingham that made the event such a huge success.

The highest scoring eight competitors will now be invited to the WorldSkills UK Finals in November at the Skills Show. See you there.


Monday 18th June

1st Place – Sarah Gulliford, Coleg                       2nd Place – Dylan Duff, City Of Glasgow              3rd Place – Tayah Smith, Coleg Gwent.

.                      Gwent                                                                            College

WorldSkills                    WorldSkills                    WorldSkills


Tuesday 19th June

1st Place – Vikki Thompson, Derwentside         2nd Place – Gillian Davies, Educ8 Ltd              3rd Place – Devon Jones, Coleg Llandrillo.

.                            College

WorldSkills                    WorldSkills                    WorldSkills


Wednesday 20th June

1st Place – Molly Evans, Wigan and                    2nd Place – Jane Woodall, Wigan and            3rd Place – Sinead Evans, North Somerset

.                   Leigh College                                                            Leigh College                                        Enterprise and Technology College.

WorldSkills                    WorldSkills                    WorldSkills


Thursday 21st June

1st Place – Hadewych de Wit, South                     2nd Place – Abiola Lugboso, The                        3rd Place – Sorcha Downey, Southern

.                    West College                                                    Rotherham NHS Trust                                                   Regional College

WorldSkills                    WorldSkills                    


Friday 22nd June

1st Place – Charlotte Heal, South                        2nd Place – Paige McLoughlin, Trafford               3rd Place – Lauren Stansbie, University

.                 Devon College                                                         College Birmingham                                              College Birmingham

WorldSkills                    WorldSkills                    WorldSkills



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